Electrician Training Opportunities – What to Expect

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An electrician is a trained tradesman specializing in electric wiring of commercial buildings, electrical transmission lines, domestic machines, and other related technical equipment. Electricians can also be hired in the construction of new electrical equipment or the restoration and repair of old electrical infrastructure. In a large business establishment, it may be impractical to hire several electricians for the various tasks that must be performed each day. The use of computerized control systems, sensors, and microprocessors in a single system will allow an electrician to check and alter the wiring in a fraction of the time it would take multiple employees. Many large businesses have computers in which the control programs are stored. If an electrician finds that a part is faulty or requires repair, he can simply make changes to the computerized control system which will cause the damaged part to be replaced with a new one.

Installing or repairing the structure of a building or repairing the electrical system of a commercial building involves complex wiring techniques. It requires an experienced electrician to perform these tasks safely, efficiently, and professionally. The type of work a qualified electrician does could include: installing wiring throughout the structure of a building, repairing damage to electrical equipment, installing lighting, wiring motors and machinery, and testing and installing various electrical products.

In order to be an effective electrician, one must possess certain basic skills. These skills are not specific to only one area of electrical work but are general skills that any good electrician should possess. The first skill any electrician needs to possess is the ability to problem-solve. Problem-solving skills to help an electrician see the problem or need for change in a practical way. A problem-solver possesses the ability to quickly identify the problem, analyze the problem, and determine how the solution can be obtained most effectively.

The next skill an electrician needs to possess is the ability to work using his hands. Electricians learn to control and work with electricity by practicing their skills on their own electrician tools and appliances. Electricians must have excellent hand-eye coordination to perform their jobs correctly. An electrician who can perform two basic and common tasks well is a safe electrician. They should be able to use both hands to control and use electrical systems effectively.

Another essential skill needed to become an effective electrician is business management skills. Electricians must have sound business skills to be competitive in their businesses. Business management skills can include; problem-solving skills, time management skills, and money management skills. Having these skills gives an electrician an edge over many competitors.

One other essential skill to becoming an effective, safe, and productive residential electrician is having sufficient knowledge and understanding of residential electrical systems. Electricians must know the basics of installing fuses, circuit breakers, electric motor assembly, panel mount electric fans, generator sets, circuit breaker boxes, and outdoor lighting. Some electricians even go so far as to have specific areas of the house such as the basement or garage included in their knowledge and understanding of their job.

The foundation of all great electrician skills is problem-solving, time management, and business management skills. These skills are the backbone of what makes up an electrician. Any good electrician will make it a point to continuously keep their skills updated. This allows them to not only learn new techniques and technology but also make sure that they are always equipped with the knowledge needed for any potential problems that may arise.

There are a vast number of electrician jobs available throughout the United States and around the world. Electrician training opportunities exist at the entry-level, working under a general contractor; however, there are numerous electrician job openings at the higher levels including maintenance and electrical specialist positions in larger companies. In either case, a good electrician should have the proper skill set to take on the tasks associated with their position with great efficiency and competency. All good electrician training opportunities will give potential employers an in-depth look at all the different aspects of electrician jobs. Such courses or training opportunities typically consist of: Foundations of Learning, Lighting Technology, Auto Electrician, Ground Works, HVAC Installation, Circuit Breakers, Outdoor Lighting, Switches, and Load Testing. Because all of these skills are important, there are specific courses for each of these areas.

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