How to Make Bathroom Remodeling as Affordable as Possible

By on Apr 9, 2020 in General |

A bathroom is the first place of the house that requires hygiene for two most important reasons – one, it is used by everyone, everyday and two, it is meant to keep us clean. Be it a floor, wall, toilet, basin, faucets, shower or the racks; these are required to be built with exceptional care for these being accessed very frequently by all age groups. As far as remodeling is concerned, one needs to keep the following checks:

Save money

Save time

Have least wastage

Show no mess

Well, if you are planning to save money on bath resurfacing or remodeling, there are bountiful ideas that can be implemented to restructure the bathroom at a very affordable cost. In other words, the remodeling can give you more benefits in the existing bathroom at a very nominal price. Here are the following tips to be used for remodeling bathroom at affordable cost.

  1. Improve Lighting – Having a makeover on the lighting alone can give a new look to the bathroom at the least possible price. A good lighting overhead and decorative fixture above the mirror can alone produce the effect of a 5 star bathroom which may not require any reconstruction. This is the first and foremost way of enhancing the beauty of bathroom at minimal cost.
  2. Limit your tiles – Water  everywhere but no water to drink. Similarly, using tiles all over the places leads to confusion of interest and boredom. Always prefer to leave 30% of the space without tiles which can be either used for decorative art, plumbing options, geysers, wiring, etc. This saves the cost of tiles and an amalgamation of textures.
  3. Counter tops – Rather than going for the heavy and luxurious slabs, prefer to have low cost counter tops with some imperfections. The very basic reason is that most of the space will be covered by basins and the used will have eye on the basins, not the counter tops. These are required not more than supporting the wash basin. So, spend the least here.
  4. Cans – One of the most effective ideas is to use home decorated cans or metal jars for keeping accessories rather than having lavish and costly wardrobes. This not only saves the hefty cost of racks / slabs but also gives a unique style of keeping toiletries.
  5. Update fixtures – Instead of replacing heavy items like toilet, bath tub, basin, window, etc, try changing small items like shower, faucets, drain pipe, towel stand, etc and give it cool look This is a much better way to change the bathroom appearance and you can save cost of changing heavy fixtures (for appearance and decoration purpose) for years.
  6. Buy used – This may not sound digestive but some costly items like toilet, bath tub, etc can be bought at second hand price which can save massive amount. As these are among the most expensive parts of the bathroom, these can be bought as used ones which remain undamaged for years with little or no modification.

There can be many other ideas like recycling the old tables and converting them into racks, using metal shelving above the toilet or next to sink. Small plumbing effort can lead to huge saving of costs. There are other options you can go for to do bath resurfacing in Newcastle, what you need to do is just simply put your brain in action and think more innovative ways to juggle with the bathroom.

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