Top 3 Places To Visit In Victoria

By on Nov 24, 2017 in Beach |

Victoria is one of the most popular regions to visit when it comes to Australia. The most southern state of the big island (not including the little island of Tasmania at the bottom) is home to a world of wonder and excitement. There are thousands of things to do and places to visit that you will be overwhelmed with choices. So we have decided to help you in your journey by providing you with three of the best places to visit when it comes to setting foot in the great state of Victoria.

The Capital City Of Melbourne 

Is there anywhere more exciting and thrilling in Australia than being in Melbourne? Once you visit the capital city of Victoria, you will realise that there is no other place like it. Filled with activities and excitement, anyone can enjoy their time in Melbourne. You can choose historical sites such as The National Library, Federation Square; or natural wonders such as the Fitzroy Botanic Gardens and the joys of experiencing the bustling nightlife. With Melbourne, you can have everything you want.

The Coastal Town Of Warrnambool 

Drive along the Great Ocean Road, and you will come to the exciting town of Warrnambool. This little coastal town has all the magic of great history, old-school architecture, and deep, engaging heritage. Full of joy, this is a very popular spot for families and couples to take a break. With an array of beaches to choose from, surfers from across the country (and overseas) visit the wild waves for some excitement and surf. If you are after the perfect blend of beach, country, and town – then Warrnambool is the place for you.

The Magical Seaside Of Mornington

If you want to experience a place that has a lovely coastal feeling to it, but also alive with nature and activities, then the Mornington Peninsula is the place to go. Alongside this massive line, there are three distinct towns that will take your breath away: Rye, Mornington, and Portsea. Each town has its own distinct flavour and feeling. With a swimming pool beach house in Rye, you can expect a busy atmosphere and a very relaxing time. With Mornington, you will enjoy lovely nature and a calming presence amongst the people. And with Portsea, you can expect class and sophistication – a town that is filled with a sense of elegance. With such a wealth of options, no wonder people there and that is why we recommend it! If you are interested inluxury holiday house rentals on the Mornington Peninsula, then we suggest talking to the experts at Holiday Shacks – they’ll find you a nice place for your holidays!

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