Waterproofing Melbourne – What Needs Do You Have?

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“Waterproofing is an important process of reducing the moisture from a damp environment, which can be detrimental to industrial, residential, and commercial properties.” “A property should have its water resistance tested annually and periodically throughout its life cycle. It is not unusual for properties to suffer damage due to excessive moisture that accumulates on the building structure.” Australia Bureau of Water Security & Protection, Water Resistant Buildings Program (WRCP), accessed via the Internet, January, 2009.

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Waterproofing Melbourne has gained popularity in the construction industry. Some of the well-known manufacturers of Waterproofing Melbourne include DuraFlip, Tinted Glass Padding, Water Jet Linings and others. The Water Resistant Building Coating is used on basement walls and below grade foundations. This coating prevents moisture from seeping into the building structure and also provides a safe working environment for employees, building occupants and visitors.

As a result, some of the Melbourne properties are located in areas with a high risk of being affected by water. Areas such as lower ground floors, basement, crawl space, driveways, garages, workshops, terraces and roof overhangs. This will lead to dampness issues in those areas and may even cause damage to walls or structural members of the buildings. The worst case scenario is mold growth that can spread and be very costly to remove. For this reason, prevention is key.

In order to prevent issues with water, some property owners and business owners opt for waterproofing their properties. If you have your own business in Melbourne and would like to secure your building and property against any kind of water dangers, then opting for Melbourne waterproofing is the perfect solution for you. There are various ways of going about it. Some of the more popular options include:

Performing a Self Installation: Many people prefer to do it themselves as it is the most convenient way of having a watertight seal on their home or business. The process of waterproofing your own house or business starts by selecting a good quality product such as Melbourne flood proofing membrane which can be installed within the walls. It ensures that water cannot penetrate into the structure due to its unique design. Next, you should block all the access to the structure and create a sealing pocket at the bottom and top of the wall. This will help in preventing any leaks or other seepage of water into the structure.

Buying Waterproofing Materials: You can also go in for this method of having a water-tight house by purchasing an appropriate amount of waterproofing material from a reputable dealer. Some of the commonly used materials include waterproofing paints, membranes and special mats. When choosing the right materials for your project, it is important that you check out the materials to ensure that they fit perfectly and do not leave any gaps. This is especially important for those living in areas that receive heavy rainfall since bad weather conditions often lead to water seepage which can be very costly.

Installing Waterproofing Systems: A few property owners prefer to have the entire structure waterproofed using a system of pipes and equipment. This can be done through a series of measures which include: spraying polyurethane and epoxy onto the wall, creating a waterproof layer that locks in moisture and stopping the water from leaking into the building. These systems can be installed either on the walls themselves or through a basement. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every requirement. Waterproofing Melbourne has a host of options available to meet all your needs at an affordable price.

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