What Isn’t Allowed In Skip Bins?

By on Apr 20, 2018 in Bin Hire |

Thinking about hiring a skip bin to clean up all your waste. Well, before you just pick up all your waste and go, you should know the things that you can dump and the things you can’t. You can’t just throw away all your waste and rubbish; there are certain things that are fine; some that are in the “so-so” pile and some that can’t get near a skip bin. So what are these things? Keep reading to find out about “so-so” pile and the ‘troublemakers”.

The Materials That They Might Take: 

So let us kick it off with a strong list of skip bin no-no’s that enter the “maybe” region. These are the materials that some companies will take, while some won’t. But what are these materials? We have four of the key things that some companies won’t take:

  • Food Waste – or rubbish that contains traces of food

  • Green Waste – also known as garden waste

  • Regular ‘garbage’ from your home

  • Automotive parts, including tyres are common, but in some cases not allowed

  • Materials such as timber, concrete or metal – as they might have to be disposed of in a different manner

The Clear Trouble-Makers: 

However, there is another field of materials that skip bin companies will not under circumstance take. These are labelled the ‘troublemakers’ – because they require extra work and can be extremely dangerous if tampered with. They usually require a professional in that field so they can handle it. Here is the list of ‘troublemakers’:

  • Asbestos – the big one that skip bin companies won’t take because they can’t dispose off it in a proper manner

  • Flammable Liquids & OIls – the title itself gives it away, as it can be dangerous for the skip bin company to dispose

  • Gas Bottles – much like flammable liquids, these materials can be dangerous if you disposed off in a correct manner

  • Contaminated Soil – will require the soil to be dug up and removed, and it is very difficult to break down in the end

Who Can Help You? 

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