Australian Visa Categories—Skilled Visas

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Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world, and yet they also have of the smallest populations in comparison with their land area. It is no wonder that jobs are abundant in this land of opportunity.

There are four categories of visas for those wishing to move to Australia and start a new life there—business visas, employer-sponsored visas, skilled visas, and family visas.

The visa you apply for needs to be in line with your purpose. Sometimes, you will need the help of an employer or company to attain the visa of your choice. But for skilled visa, you need only yourself and your special set of skills.

Skilled Visas

There are two kinds of skilled visas, the Subclass 189 and Subclass 485. Again, while these two visas are for those who have a specific skill set and function in similar ways, they have different requirements.

Subclass 189 is also known as the Skilled Independent Visa. Unlike the employer-sponsored visas, those who wish to work in Australia without a qualified employer can apply for the Skilled visas on their own. The catch is, you need to submit your skills and work experience to Skill Select along with your Expression of Interest (EOI). You can only apply for this visa if you have been deemed eligible and have thus been invited to apply by the authoritative bodies.

The requirements are simple, and similar to the requirements of other visas, with the exception of needing to have the right skills and work experience. You also need to be 18 to 50 years old, have adequate command over the English language, have proper health and good character.

Subclass 485, on the other hand, is the visa you need to apply for if you have just graduated from an Australian University. It is also known as the Temporary Graduate Visa. Applying for this visa right after you finish you studies in an Australian university or international university will allow you to work in Australia for at most 4 years to establish your career. You can change visa after you have proven to be a lawful citizen and a contributor to the Australian economy.

How do we begin?

We are happy to say that as long as you have the required skills, getting a Skilled Visa is going to be very easy. And we are here to help you get the visa of your dreams. We offer migration expert services in Melbourne, and if you plan to come to Australia, what better place to begin?

Melbourne is one of the developed areas in Australia, meaning you can take your pick at almost any job—there are a lot available. On top of that, being in the city means meeting new people and making more friends. Australia is an interesting experience, and when you are ready, you should definitely make that step.

Contact us to get started! Your life is yours to take ahold of, and if moving to Australia is what you think is best, then go for it! We will be here to guide you along the way.

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