Best Colours For Your Roof

By on Dec 12, 2017 in Home |

Whether you are fixing up your home, or creating a brand new one, your roof colour is actually a very important feature. Your roof should match, or go with the small colour style of the house. Meaning, if you have a bright coloured house, you should keep with that tone of the house and either get something that is bright, or a dark roof, just to balance out the colour schemes. If you are struggling to think of a colour, here are a few to keep in mind!

  • Maroon. Maroon is a mixture of brown and red and can be a soft colour on your eyes. It is subtle, but with certain colours of a house can pop out at you. If you like the colour maroon, here are a few colours that go well with this brownish, reddish colour. One colour you wouldn’t think, is yellow. It’s more of a soft yellow, not a vibrant yellow, thats matches perfectly with maroon. But there’s not only yellow, but if your house is black, or gray, or tan, or white. Really, any neutral colours.
  • Blue. Blue is actually a beautiful colour to consider, whether its a navy blue or a more vibrant blue, blue can either be subtle or stand out, in many different ways. If your house is gray, or black, or even purple, navy blue would match perfectly! If your house is red, or green, or yellow, a regular blue would look amazing.
  • Red. There are so many colours of red, so this is a good thing, you can have many shades of red that can match almost any colour. If you have a white, or brown, or a grey house, a dark red roof would just pair the colours in such a magical way. If your house is blue or black, or purple, you can have a little bit of a red roof.
  • Brown. Brown can also come in many shades. But brown is a pretty safe bet. Brown matches with almost everything. Brown goes great with red, and white, and a soft brown. Blues and greens, dark or light. Brown is amazing cause it can match anything

Roofs are the first thing that people see, because its the first thing that people see from far away. You also want to match your roof with the colours of the actual house itself. The colours themselves don’t have to match, but they should pair in a way that your eyes are just attracted to the house! Not only will it seem more inviting, but if you ever decide to sell, this will be an added selling point to your future buyer. If you are looking for roof restoration in Melbourne or gutter replacement in Melbourne then contact Roof Guard Roofing today!