Choose Mosaic Tiles For Adding Luxury To Your Home

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In the past few years, mosaic tiles have gained popularity in interior decoration. Mosaic tiles consist of several small tiles assembled together in various shapes to make a beautiful collage of different patterns and colours. The tiles may be arranged asymmetrically or symmetrically, depending upon the taste of an individual. Apart from enhancing the appeal of the house, mosaic tiles are also used to overcome various building limitations. Mosaic tiles may effectively be used to make gloomy and dark rooms look appealing. Few areas where these tiles may be installed include:


Showers painted in drab colours look gloomy. They may be made to look elegant by using mosaic tiles in natural shades of stone grey, dusty brown and green. Regarding the material, pebbles prove to be the perfect option for showers. They have an artistic appeal and can also produce a massaging effect which helps in rejuvenating the senses.


mosaic tiles in melbourne by Tilefix may be chosen for congested and small kitchens. White mosaic tiles may effectively be used in such areas to add brightness. Drab looking kitchen walls can be made to look attractive by using small glass mosaics in bright shades of yellow, sky blue and green. Bright coloured tiles may also be used for flooring.


While choosing mosaic tiles for the bedroom, it is advisable to opt for soft colours like off-white, cream and white. Such colours have a soothing effect and also provide relaxation. Such tiles can also help in making the bedroom look spacious.


Parlours are frequented by guests. It is hence important to ensure that the area is tastefully decorated and presentable. For such areas, mosaic tiles made from luxurious looking materials like ceramic, porcelain and marble may be chosen. Bold and bright colours like red, blue and yellow which attract the attention of guests may be chosen.

Mosaic tiles may effectively be used in different areas of the home. However, while choosing them, it is important to consider few aspects. These include:

Choosing the material

While choosing mosaic tiles, it is important to select the appropriate material. Mosaic tiles made from natural stones are well suited for both walls and floors. For bathroom and kitchen floors, materials like Carrara, Travertine and Slate may be chosen. These stones are tough, non-slippery and resist the damage caused by chemicals. For parlours and bedrooms, ceramic, porcelain or marble tiles may be chosen. Such tiles give an elegant and luxurious look.

Mosaic tiles look appealing and can be used to enhance the appeal of different spaces in the home. For quality and durable mosaic tiles, you may Contact Tilefix They are trusted suppliers of different kinds of mosaic tiles and can hence offer solutions for decorating your home.

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