How A Bum Bag Can Suit All Your Travel And Shopping Needs

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Moon bags, belt packs and fanny packs are few common names of bum bags which are called by different names across various parts of the globe. They are basically pouches made of leather, fabric or various other man made materials. They are usually strapped around the waist, a little above the hips.

Bum bag benefits

A bum bag offers several benefits. Few of them include:


Bum bags are preferred by tourists as they can be used for storing essentials like money, cards and mobile phones while travelling. The biggest benefit of using bum bags Australia is that they prove to be extremely convenient owing to the way in which they are strapped around the body. While wearing a bum bag, your hands are free to manoeuvre while the bag remains securely positioned. Many people also prefer these bags while travelling due to the accessibility they offer.

Available in several designs and colours

Bum bags are available in a wide range of designs and colours. Nowadays, neon colour bags with embellishments, bags in geometric designs or made of floral fabrics are quite popular. You can choose a one which matches your personal style and taste.

Plenty of storage

A bum bag offers plenty of storage. With multiple compartments including various hidden ones, they ensure safe storage of valuables and cash while travelling. Being strapped on the front, bum bags Australia minimize the chances of the valuables getting stolen.

Variety of materials to choose from

These bags are available in a wide range of material options to choose from. Some bum bags are made of water resistant materials like plastic. These bags keep the valuables and other items dry during rains and are hence a preferred choice of trekkers and hikers. They may also be used during winter travel when chances of the valuables getting wet due to snow are high.

The most popular material for making bum bags Australia is leather. Leather bags prove to be quite durable and look chic. Leather bags in tan and black are quite popular.

Multiple uses

The biggest advantage of bum bags Australia is that they can be used in multiple ways. They may be worn around the waist or across the shoulder. Few of these bags are also designed to suit certain circumstances. For instance, bum bags designed for runners generally consist of bottle holders. Some of them may also have features like separate passport and ticket pouches, cash holders and a phone pouch.

Availability of branded bags

The popularity of bum bags led many designer labels and sporting brand names to include them in their collection. You can easily find a bum bag from your favourite sporting brand.

Choosing a bum bag

There are many benefits which a bum bag can offer. While choosing one, the following aspects may be considered:

  • Before buying a bum bag, it is advisable to define the purpose of use.
  • A suitable bum bag material may be chosen based on the purpose of use.
  • It is advisable to evaluate the storage space and number of compartments in the bum bag.
  • Identifying the brand preference is important as these bags are offered by many brand names.
  • A suitable colour and design may be chosen based on your personal taste.

Bum bags are quite popular amongst trekkers, travel enthusiasts and shoppers. These bags are unique and offer several benefits.

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