Importance of Slate Roofing that you didn’t know till now

By on Jun 14, 2017 in General |

The roof of a house acts like the icing on the cake. If you have a beautiful house and the roof doesn’t sync with the walls and the quality of the painting, the house makes no appeal. With the change in lifestyle and fashion, people have taken to various forms of roofing. With so many new and trending roof styles, one classic style still dominates and that’s the slate roofing. Most of the houses in the ancient days were built with the slate roof. They disappeared for some time but have come back with some influence. Now, more and more people of Melbourne are getting hooked to slate roofing. Of course, it gives an unconventional look to the top of the house; there has been other important too.

Slate Roofing and its importance

  • Trusted and Reliable Roof: As Slate roofing is one of those roofing techniques that have been in use for over a century, it has built trust and reliability gradually. Anything that survives for long is dependable. Don’t you like the pair of shoes that lasts longer and still leaves an impression? Durability is a sign of trust.
  • A beauty that shines through:There is no doubt that slate roofing looks surreal with its subtle beauty that stands out from the rest of the roof styles. What makes it even more gorgeous is its ability to sustain through tough weather conditions. That’s the true test of a roof’s beauty. Now, that’s what I call natural beauty that looks beautiful even without makeup. No matter how big or small your house is, how beautiful or ugly your house looks, the slate roof will make it look


  • Forever Roof: It is called a forever roof for the ability to last for decades and require no renovation. With its elegance, you have the privilege of maintaining the architectural value of your home. A home also increases its resale value with slate roofing. Can you believe that a slate roof gives your home a durability of not less than 75 years?

With different styles and colors available in this roofing style, you will never look out of fashion. If you are in Melbourne and looking for this amazing makeover to your home, you can bank on slate roof tiles by Amalfi Slate Roofing They are known for their in-depth knowledge in installing the roofs as the installation of slate roofs needs precision. With many years of experience in giving homes to the residents of Melbourne, you won’t have any regret hiring professionals like them.

One thing to remember while getting the slate roof done for your home is that the base of the house is strong enough. The reason for this is the weight of each slate that is quite heavier compared to other roofs and can dominate the strength of your building. Ensure that the building is built strong for the strongest roof.

heritage slate roofing is another advantage you can get with this type of roofing because slates are not new in use. They have been in existence for ages making its mark stronger by each passing day.