Questions To Ask A Landscaper

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So you have a landscaper all lined up ready to do work for you. You are ready to hand over the keys to your home and get them to start working for you. Well, before you start to jump the gun and get the work started, perhaps you should ask the landscape designer in Melbourne these four important – and valuable – questions about their services, their work and their experience.

What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

What makes landscapers so great is that they offer a range of services to cover all type of landscape and garden work. But you still have to ask them what type of services they offer, because you will be surprised (sarcastically here) not all landscapers offer the same service (from gardening to mini bobcat hire in Melbourne). So always ask what services are on offer when you speak to the landscaper.

When Can You Work? 

Remember that you are on the clock, not the landscaper. So you should be the one that determines the timeframe in which you want your landscape, patio, garden, backyard or front yard project finished. This is why you have to ask them about when they can work, and when they can get the job finished. This is massively important to the timeframe of your project.

Are You Experienced With Fauna? 

Flowers are the lifeblood of the garden. They are the flow of the backyard and they are colour that makes your home sparkle. So you need to know if the landscaper that you are hiring is able to handle the flower and fauna that you have in your home. The last thing you want is someone with no clue messing with your flowers and landscape.

What Makes Your Service So Valuable? 

Okay – now is the time to really hook in the landscaper to see if they are capable of handling your workload. What makes them so special? Is it the prices they offer, their experience, their high-quality service or more? So while you are speaking to them about their services, protrude a little deeper and ask them why their services stand out from the rest of the competition. It will put them on their toes and will force them to bend their services to your demands.

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