Signs You Should Be Retiring

By on Jan 16, 2018 in Apartments |

When some people think of retirement, it can sometimes be seen with negative connotations, but why? Retirement should be fun, you have worked hard your entire life, and now it is your time. Whether you had kids or worked a high profile job, or you managed to do both, retirement should be about you.

Do you have any health issues? Have you worked the same job for years and now it is taking a toll on your health. Do you find yourself in a world of pain? Have you had previous health issues before this one? Has the doctor even told you that it might be time to retire? Jobs can be stressful, and if you have not taken the proper care before, everything around you might be telling you it’s time to call the working life quits. Work could be your life, but with some people that will be the death of them. So give yourself the time you deserve to recuperate.

Do you have all your debts in order? The worst thing about growing up from a child to a young adult is the realization that debt is real. Whether that was from school, or paying off that brand new car, or even those mortgage payments for your dream house. All these things take a lot of money, and even more, time to pay off. Life can get expensive, so the first thing to think of before you retire is if you are all paid up on all your bills, but not just your current bills, but potential future bills. If you still have a few years before that house if paid off, maybe it’s not a good idea to retire just yet. Make sure you have completed paying off all the big bills. The key idea to take away from this, is to make sure to have everything paid off before you even consider retirement because if not, you might find yourself out of retirement within that same exact year.

Do you have enough savings? Do you have more than enough money to keep you going for years to come? Are you old enough that you can apply for your pension? These are all things you should be looking at if you are ready to retire, because not only will these help you in retirement, but they will also help you maintain an income while retired. You may also have some assets, like a renter, or a rental property that can bring in income, while you live comfortably and are retired! Take a look at your assets today and see if you are ready to retire and find apartments for sale in Toorak so you can retire. You can get in touch today for more information.

Retirement can be the most fun adventure you have had yet. It can be the greatest thing yet to come. Not only do you have freedom, but you also can be who you want and where you want, whenever you want. Retirement doesn’t mean boring and sleeping all day; it can be whatever you want it to be. So take a look at retirement today!

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