The Three Best Ways To Insulate Your Floor

By on Dec 13, 2017 in Flooring |

Do you want to stay warm in winter and do you want to enjoy the cool air in the summer? Well, have you ever thought about insulating your floor? Well, if you have, we have the done some research (and spoken to our favourite go-to experts in Masterwall – the best in providing polystyrene cladding in Perth) about how you can best insulate your floors. All you have to do is keep reading to find out how to get it done – and before you know it, you’ll be living comfortably in your home.

Way Number 1: Using A Carpet Or A Rug 

Now, yes this isn’t going to solve all your problems, but it will help you in a big way. Carpets or rugs are an affordable way to insulate your floor. By laying out a strong thick carpet, you will be able to guarantee that your home will be warm in the cold winter months. At the same time, it won’t blow your budget compared to other systems. However, it will cost you time and effort to keep the carpet clean and free of dirt. Look to this option if you want to add a little colour to your home.

Way Number 2: Draught Proofing The Floor  

What is draught-proofing, you might be asking? Well, you know how you would use sealant or caulking to fill in the gaps of your bathroom tiles so it can keep the air in and not get it affected by the water? Well, it is the same process, but it ain’t your bathroom tiles or about keeping water contained. It is about using sealant or caulking to fill the gaps between your floorboards and the skirting boards beneath your floor. An effective manner to keep the air flowing in your home, however it is time-consuming and will take some time before it is finished.

Way Number 3: Underfloor Insulation 

The most effective and most efficient way to ensure that insulation in your home is always at its peak. Underfloor insulation is a relatively easy process: by installing strong materials such as the glass or mineral wool style between your floorboards and the skirting boards, you will be able to have a secure and rebounding insulation flow. A super popular option for many homeowners, you will be hard pressed to find this option being a problem at all once it is installed. That is why thousands of property owners look towards getting underfloor insulation in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of Australia done by Masterwall! Call them now if you want to join the happy list of people!

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