Things to know about demolition services

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We are always committed to offer residential, industrial and Commercial Demolition Services to not just our Residential customers but also to our Commercial Clients. We deliver and provide demolition services for office buildings, warehouses and even more. We have the crew and tools to finish your Commercial Demolition request in a specialist manner.

Along with our heavy duty tools and expertise, no job is too big or too small to get that demolition process completed. Our staff is specially qualified to manage and handle all of the heavy duty equipment needed in order to complete that large or small job.

Our Demolition contractors in Melbourne have obtained excellence and customer complete satisfaction with their incomparable service. With extensive residential and commercial demo experience we have all resources essential to meet any demolition challenge. Our satisfied clients will certify our professionalism and abilities. Regardless of what your demolition needs may be we’re up to the task. We thoroughly plan each phase of our demo work which allows us to anticipate problems and come prepared with options.

Knowledge of Demolition Solutions

We love to keep our customers informed with knowledge so that our procedure will be much simpler and smoother for all parties engaged. We have listed just a couple of our services and what they each entail.

Residential Demolition– Home demolition services in Melbourne or the wrecking and removal of a garage, shed, retaining wall, deck, or other residential building (typically less than 3 stories). This type of structural demolition is typically achieved with hydraulic excavators and bull dozers.

Industrial or Commercial Demolition– Wrecking services for larger jobs and larger buildings may require a wrecking ball or controlled (explosive) demolition.

Swimming Pool Removal– Above ground and in-ground swimming pool demolition and removal

Asphalt and Concrete Demolition and Elimination– Removal of concrete driveways, bases, patios, sidewalks, etc.

Environmental Remediation– asbestos abatement and removal along with other hazardous components like lead paint.

Selective or Interior Demolition– Interior renovation projects may require demolition crews tearing down and getting rid of debris from walls, kitchens, bathrooms, floor covering, etc.

Underground Storage Tank Removal– Cleanup and removal of hazardous materials contained in underground storage tanks.

Excavating– Site clearing and preparation for building.

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