Tips To Choosing The Right Colour For Your Packaging

By on Jan 31, 2018 in Ring Binders |

Choosing the colour for your packaging is not an easy task. If it were, businesses wouldn’t be worried about it as much as they do. But it is important as there are plenty of factors consider during this process. So to help it the process easier for you, we have come up with three valuable tips that are going to make the difference for you!

Think How Your Product Will Look Beside It 

How your products look beside your packaging is going to have a massive impact on how it looks to customers. You need to have a steady flow of all your items so that it will have a positive impact on your “brand experience” (more on that below!). More importantly, you have to create recognition, a standard that your product is in align with your packaging. You can’t have a colourful wine bottle that has a dull grey bespoke cardboard packaging. You need it to match, so it gets the best outcome for your customers and your brand.

Consider The Cost Factors 

It would be difficult for us to talk about colour packaging without mentioning the price in all this. Price is always going to be a factor when it comes to packaging, so that is why you have to consider it greatly. But how do you measure the colour in this decision? You focus on key aspects, such as the rarity of the colour, the amount you will be using, the type of material that the colour will be used on, the additional packaging on top (example: how custom ring binders need covers to protect it) and how it impacts your business after you put it on the shelves. Think long and hard about these decisions if you want to achieve what you want with your package colouring.

Remember The “Brand Experience” You Want To Create 

Do you know the feeling you get when it comes to opening an Apple package? You get that thrill and excitement. That is because Apple can design it that way; they have thought about the process in which you open the box and take out your item. It is known as the “brand experience” – and it is something you have to consider when it comes to your packaging and its colour. Do you want to make it exciting when you open the package? Do you want people to jump for joy when they open it? Well, if you do, make sure the colour matches the brand experience that you are aiming to create.